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Saturday, 21 September 2019
  Orange opaline- and yellow opaline- peach face lovebirds for sale.
Healthy pairs of orange and yellow opaline peach faced lovebirds for sale . 2 pair 1 pair orange…
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 3,800
    African lovebirds for sale- yellow Fischers (eye ring variety)
Fischer lovebird pair for sale mottled yellow green pieds. Per pair 6500
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 6,500
Tuesday, 10 September 2019
  African love birds for sale.
African love birds for sale @2200 pair. Adult birds ready to breed.
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 2,200
Sunday, 25 August 2019
  cockatiel Bird
We have two hand trained cockatiel birds age 4 to 6 month Please contact us only when you love bird…
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 500
Saturday, 17 August 2019
  Birds with Cage for sale ...
Birds with Cage for sell . with cage including pots, houses, birds feeder etc. Including with Cage .
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 4,500
Friday, 26 July 2019
  Hand tame cockatiels for sale in pune
Handtame cockatiels for sale in Pune .All healthy and handtame .Pearl and lutino colors available…
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 4,000
Wednesday, 5 June 2019
  Love Birds For Sell
Fully adult & Healthy love birds for sell.
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 550
Friday, 24 May 2019
  Grey cockatiel parrot chick for sale
I sell hand tamed cockatiels in pune. Call me at 750-750-4696. I have lutino, grey, whiteface…
Maharashtra › Pune
  Hand tame cockatiel chicks for sale in Pune
I have lutino, common grey, whiteface , pearl and albino hand tamed cockatiel chicks for sale. Call…
Maharashtra › Pune
  hand tamed african grey chick for sale in Pune
I have healthy, social african grey chicks for sale in Pune. Shipping available all over India…
Maharashtra › Pune
  Pineapple, Sun Conure Hand Tamed Conures available in Pune
I have hand tamed Sun, Pineapple red factor conures for sale. Call at 750-750-4696 or email me to…
Maharashtra › Pune
  Birds with cage for sale finch
I am selling my finch bird with cage. Cage is 2×1.5×1.5 feets. 6 no.s finches, lighting setup for…
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 4,000
Friday, 17 May 2019
  Cockatiel bird Available for sell
Super active and healthy female cockatiel for sell.
Maharashtra › Pune
Tuesday, 30 April 2019
  Male Lutino Cockatiel for sale in Pune 3 years old. Ready to breed
Healthy, active and whistling lutino cockatiel for sale in Pune. Find me on facebook "Hand…
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 1,500
  Cockatiel Hand tamed chick. Grey and Red Eye Lutino 1.5 months old
Hello, I have 2 grey chicks from a pearl mother. 1 red eye lutino chick for sale. All are 1.5…
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 2,500
Friday, 26 April 2019
    Need indian parrot under 600 rupees please
I need before 28th may quick responce. Give ur ph no on my gmail i will call u
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 500
Sunday, 21 April 2019
  Holland budgies and big size love birds
Holland birds=2 pair big size love birds=2 pair
Maharashtra › Pune
Friday, 29 March 2019
  Hand Tame Cockatiel for sale
Hi, I have hand tame talking/whistling year old cockatiel for sale. I am moving out of country…
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 5,000
Friday, 1 February 2019
Hi i want cockateils brid
Maharashtra › Pune
Monday, 24 December 2018
    Love birds for sale semi adult
Home grown love birds for sale Rs.400 for two birds this place is at Bhairav Nagar, dhanori, near…
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 400
Friday, 13 April 2018
  Pair love birds with cage and pots
I have many pair love birds with large and medium cages and breeding boxes(Rs.2000 each pair with…
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 2,000
Wednesday, 7 March 2018
    Baby parrot
A small baby parrot.
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 1,000
Saturday, 18 April 2015
  Hand tamed cockateils for sale
Fully hand tamed cockateil for sale
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 2,500
Thursday, 8 August 2013
  Hand Tame Sun Conure for sale
very healthy sun conure babies for sale. Plz call on 9689901262 / 9922425323 for more details.
Maharashtra › Pune
  Hand Tame Cockatiels for sale
Very healthy and active cockatiels for sale. Plz call on 9689901262/ 9922415323 for more details.
Maharashtra › Pune
  Hand Tame Red Rump for sale
Very active, plyful red rump for sale. Plz call on 9689901262 / 9922425323 for more details.
Maharashtra › Pune
Friday, 22 March 2013
    Budgerigar for sale in pune
15 pairs Budgerigar ready for sale in warje pune
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 350
Thursday, 7 March 2013
  Budgerigar for sale in waeje pune
17 pair budgerigar love bird for sale in warje pune
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 350
Monday, 20 August 2012
    Canarys for sale
American crested canaries for sale at reasonable prices , rare crested corona canary on sale.
Maharashtra › Pune
Rs 13,000
Sunday, 26 September 2010
    I want to Adopt a Bird for FREE ( Any breed of Parrot, Love Birds, or any Bird )
Maharashtra › Pune
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